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Long out of print and now available again: Freya Aswynn's legendary recording exclusively as an audio CD from Edition Ananael. Hear the powerful-voiced rune mistress intoning the runes, drawing the circle and invoking the Norse gods, accompanied by the monumental soundscapes of performers such as Sixth Comm, Current 93 and Wayne Owens.
Yggdrasil is the world ash tree, the cosmic tree of life, Odin's horse and the gallows from which the runes were delivered to the world. The complex multiplicity of meanings of this symbol is the theme of this CD, whose music and lyrics are themselves a path to initiation into the Norse mysteries. From the runic songs of the Edda to the drawing of the circle and the invocation of the gods to the impressive evocation of the end of the world Ragnarok, Freya Aswynn, supported by the sometimes sensitive, sometimes mighty thundering accompanying music, impressively expresses the elemental magic of the runes and the elemental energies of the Nordic world of gods.

Included titles:Havamal , Voluspa, Wotan, Invokation of the Gods, Knighting, Sigdrifumal, Northstar, Ragnarok.  Bonus tracks: Panzer Rune, North, Futhark, Nietzsche, Seeker

Freya Aswynn
ISBN 978-3-90113420-3

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